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About DroidWiki

DroidWiki is a MediaWiki based wiki, which was created to collect information and how to articles, which are related to the mobile operating system Android. The contents of this wiki are available for free for anyone, are created by the community and can be edited, corrected and/or expanded by anyone at any time.

The german DroidWiki was created in November 2011 and the first page (the main page) was saved. The wiki was created out of the wish of the users of the german Android-Hilfe.de forum to have one place where contents are not posted as "Questions and Answers", but as information which is created collaboratively. The goal: Commons questions doesn't need to be answered again every time, an easy link to the up-to-date content in the wiki is enough to answer the question.

Exactly that and a lot more is what the DroidWiki offers: In our community, everyone, no matter if registered/logged in or not, newbie or an experienced user, can add, modify, correct and/or expand the contents of this wiki. The DroidWIki is an open platform with as less restrictions as possible. The features of the software we're using (MediaWiki) supports you while creating or editing qualitative contributions, like the VisualEditor or useful tools for embedding citations. Using discussion pages, which can be created for every page in this wiki, you can discuss edits or your suggestions, if you're unsure, if you should edit them directly into the content page.

At the end one note: The DroidWiki is, and has always been, a platform for and from you; if you find something, which should be changed, please don't hesitate to click the "Edit" button and contribute a very important part to this wiki!

Direct way

You're looking for something specific or you just want to look around in the contents of this wiki? No problem! Simply enter your wanted search term in the search input field and click "Search" or click on one of the topics linked below.

Contribute to DroidWiki

The contents of the DroidWiki are created by people like you! Do you want to share your know how and experiences with Android? That's awesome, we're happy about every contribution, no matter if it is a new page or corrections or something else. The following pages will help your getting started and how you can contribute to this wiki.

If you're already an experienced contributor, here's a short way to create a new page:

Create new page:

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