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  • Generic System Image (short GSI) is a android system image, which can be used to replace the existing installed android version with a new one (e.g. an updated
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  • bedeutet es?". (in Deutsch). Abgerufen am 2018-09-29.  "Unbekanntes Symbol / Zeichen in der Statusleiste! Was bedeutet es?".
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  • The Android media server scans the device's internal storage for media files (photos, videos, audio) to accelerate multimedia applications. However, the
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  • de. Abgerufen am 2017-09-16.  Christopher Gabbert (2017-01-07). "Diese Android-Smartphones unterstützen Googles VR-Plattform". Abgerufen
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  • file manager of the Windows operating system), a lot of file managers for Android have the ability to view the meta data of a file or directory, like the
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  • The dalvik-Cache is a directory structure inside of Androids filesystem on the internal storage. It contains data of all installed apps and the operating
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Android is a, developed by the Open Handset Alliance, Linux-Kernel NetBSD-Userland based operating system for Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices, as well as other embedded devices, like cars. The main developer, apart from the voluntary community, is the california-based company Google, Inc., which is also well recognized as "the developer" of Android in the general press and the public. Google is also the founder of the Open Handset Alliance...